Input text: A transparent sphere is in front of a man's head. The man's arm is 10 feet long. The man's hair is green. The man is glass. The man's lip is gold. A silver woman is under the sphere. The woman's face is shiny. The woman's hair is silver. A small transparent cube is above the sphere. A 7 inch long boar is above the cube. A white bird is in front of the sphere. The ground is transparent. A large bat is 4 inches behind the man's head. A small silver pyramid is on the bird. A giant red light is to the right of the bird. A giant blue light is to the left of the bird. A giant yellow light is in front of the bird.
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Effects: Saturation
whales of jupiter  (2015) 
kriskeyser  (2015) 
dude it's like this site was designed for your art style. keep it up!
charlesphillips  (2015) 
zamchick  (2015) 
definitely among the first typed totems!
daniel  (2015) 
flip  (2015) 
super cool
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