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all night long

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It is sunrise. The leopard-skin woman is next to the mastodon. The mastodon is facing the woman. Behind the woman is Saturn. Saturn is 2 feet in the pink water ground. Behind saturn is a shiny van gogh brontosaurus. The large transparent yellow sphere is above the mastodon. The brontosaurus is facing the woman. The brontosaurus is 4 feet in the ground. To the left of the woman is very huge clear white crystals. It is 4 feet behind the woman. On the crystals is a humongous indigo praying mantis. The praying mantis is facing the woman. On the woman is a cockatoo. The brontosaurus is facing the crystals. The huge white pegasus is 9 feet to the left of the brontosaurus. It is 5 feet behind the brontosaurus. It is facing the mastodon. 5 feet to the left of the pegasus is a blue tree. The tree is 4 feet in the ground. There are twelve small poodles in front of the woman. 1 foot in front of the poodles is a navy "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY". 2 snakes are 2 feet in front of "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY". The snakes are three feet apart. They are 2 inches in the ground. The snakes are facing the woman. The orange light is 3 feet above the woman. The purple light is 1 foot behind the praying mantis.
zamchick (2015) 
very cool scene
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