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Cat in a Hat

Input text: 
the big hat is upside down. it is 3 inches above the narrow table. the small cat is -2.7 inches in the hat. the ground is transparent.
##HD #surrealism #art 
Cracked paint
coyne (legacy) 
magritte meets seuss!
daniel (legacy) 

daniel (legacy) 
The "post a reply" scene selector doesn't show up properly for me (firefox, mac).
coyne (legacy) 
for me on safari, it comes up at the top of the actual page so I don't see it without scrolling up.
dk (legacy) 

dk (legacy) 
yes, same here. that could be a bit confusing if one doesn't know to scroll up to find it.
coyne (legacy) 
wow another cool magritte inspired picture!
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