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I have a great alarm system.

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the brown dachshund is facing north. the dachshund is big. the ground is van gogh. the dachshund is 1 foot in front of the white door. the green couch faces east. it is 1 foot in front of the dachshund. the pink poodle is on the couch. it is facing north. the fireplace faces west. it is 15 feet east of the couch. it is big. it is brown. the police officer is behind the door. "My Life" is 7 feet west of the couch. it is small. it faces west. it is tangerine orange
zamchick (2015) 
domestic tranquility wordseye-style :-)
ohbejoyful (2015) 
I somehow need to add "poodle is in the middle of shattered pane" to give the full effect.
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