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The background is silver. It is 1200 feet tall.The ground is shiny black. The sky is [storm]. The sky is upside down. The sky faces northwest. The silver sphere is in the ground. It is 200 feet tall. The translucent white sphere is 400 feet tall. It is 300 feet in the silver sphere. The shiny [fire] rectangle is 50 feet in the silver sphere. It is 4000 feet deep. it is 50 feet wide. The silver tube is facing down. It is 50 feet wide. It is 250 feet tall. It is -100 feet behind the translucent sphere. It is -25 feet above the rectangle. The cyan light is 100 feet behind the translucent sphere. It is 20 feet above the rectangle. the very giant white eagle is 70 feet behind the tube. It is 10 feet above the rectangle. It is facing the tube. It leans forward. The grey rocket is facing down. It is -6.5 feet below the eagle. The enormous shiny orange crystal is -1 feet behind the rocket. It faces up. It is -7.5 feet above the rocket. It is upside down. The orange light is 2 feet behind the rocket.
whales of jupiter (legacy) 
josephj (legacy) 
Dude that's insane
zamchick (legacy) 
coyne (legacy) 
daniel (legacy) 
sofiezamchick (legacy) 
zamchick (legacy) 
making the fire come out of the rocket was genius :-)
flip (legacy) 
josephj (legacy) 

Thought I'd kick it up a notch.
BROW-PACA (legacy) 
Woah all i can say
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