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Saying Goodbye
This is my first wordseye composition, based on a beautiful story my friend wrote. I only wish I could have made the girl a "young girl" or a "child" - but all the same I think I captured some of the essence of the story!

Input text: 
The boulder is 3.8 feet in the ground. The boulder is leaning 20 degrees to the left. The ground is sandy. water is 1 inch left of the boulder and 11.7 inches in the ground. the sky is cloudy. A 2 foot tall girl stands in the boulder. The girl is facing the water. A large sperm whale is 60 feet above the water. A dark gray whale is behind the large whale and 35 feet above the water. An arch is 100 feet behind the whales. The arch is facing the girl. The arch is 1 foot in the ground. 10 dark trees are 250 feet behind the whales. the trees are 1 foot above the ground. A wave is above the water.
coyne (legacy) 
that's really nice and evocative!

We don't currently have many children 3D objects in the system but are working to add some.
omgeodude (legacy) 
Thank you very much, it was fun trying to figure out phrasing and positioning for it! I hope I can make other cool stuff, too!

I'm looking forward to any future assets because they can only lead to better scenes, right? :D
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