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The Persistence of Reality
Nobody talks about the 0.800 pound gorilla in the room...

Input text: 
A tiny polka dot elephant on a purple bed. A giant pink rabbit above the bed. A [cat] wall 6 feet in back of the bed. A red top hat on a large white head 5 feet above the ground in front of the wall. A large shiny white clock 4 feet to the right of the head. A big fire under the head. A silver post 3 feet to the left of the bed. A silver post 3 feet to the right of the bed. A tiny gorilla 2 feet to the right of the bed. A striped snake to the right of the post.
coyne (legacy) 
interesting and cool looking!
666 (legacy) 
total madness
zamchick (legacy) 
it's like someone was doing a wordseye scene, and a bunch of other characters and models clambered to be in it :-)
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