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Momento Mori

Input text: 
The ground is unreflective wood. It is morning. The very large paisley compound is inside the very large white gazebo. The very large white soup bowl is on the compound. In the soup bowl is a large banana, a large lemon, and a large apple. The large pear is south of the lemon. A very large statue is west of the compound. The statue is facing south. The statue is 1 foot away from the compound. The large pocket watch is on the compound. The large white skull is on the compound. The large flower pot is north of the soup bowl. The large witch hazel is in the flower pot. The large die is one foot south of the skull. A very large scalpel is two feet south of the soup bowl. The large jack of spades is a foot east of the bowl. The three coins are a foot south of the pocket watch. The two large rings are a foot east of the die. The very large red jewel is one foot north of the scalpel. momento mori
##HD #momentomori #stilllife 
Cracked paint, Canvas texture
666 (legacy) 
very graphically.
zamchick (legacy) 
very cool scene
stevium (legacy) 
Hey thanks.
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