Coin dealer
Selling coins to a bird

Input text:  There is a first table in front of the tiger. The tiger is three feet tall. The first table is small. The first table is facing the tiger. There are 12 coins on the table. There is bird in front of the table. 12 coins are facing the bird. the bird is facing the tiger. The bird is two feet tall. The ground is [parquet]. There is a first wall one feet behind the tiger. The first wall is fifteen feet wide. The first wall is seven feet tall. The first wall is [plywood]. There is a second wall next to first wall. The second wall is facing west. The second wall is [plywood]. There is a second table next to the first table. The second table is small. There are six magnifying glasses on the second table. It is night. The white light is two feet above the tiger. There is third table to the right of the first table. The third table is facing north. The third table is small. There is a laptop on the third table. The laptop is facing the tiger. There is a two feet tall [metal] safe two feet behind the second table.
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