SecularBaron typed a picture: The woman is 25 feet in front of the large wall. The woman is -13 feet to the right of the wall. The wall is 1 inch in the ground. The ball is 5 feet in front of the woman. The ball is 1 feet to the right of the woman. The woman is facing the ball. The woman is white. The woman's head is white. The person is 25 feet in front of the wall. The person is -13 feet to the left of the wall. The person. The person's base is invisible. The person is facing left. The blue light is 25 feet in front of the woman . The second orange light is 25 feet in front of the person. The wall is white. The ground is reflective. It is night. The camera light is dim.
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zamchick  (2015) 
brilliant. Love the use of the golf ball.
SecularBaron  (2015) 

I'm curious if people like the "unreflective" style more with a border.
SecularBaron  (2015) 
Aw. Just noticed the break in the middle. I kept having that happen when I rendered it at HD.
coyne  (2015) 
interesting that the difference in the actual objects and the reflections in the ground is slightly visible in HD. There's both the slight difference in shade top to bottom which makes sense given that the light is slightly different. But there's also a very short artifact in the middle of the middle. I guess that small segment is what you're referring to?

I like the composition on the reflective one the best, but both are great!
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