Intersect VII

Input text: there is a clear chartreuse skull. the first silver flat cube is 6 inches in the skull. it faces up. it leans south. the second silver flat cube is 0.1 inches below it. it faces up. it leans south. the ground is shiny. there is a clear red heart 5.7 inches in the skull
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Nanook  (2015) 
I like the dissecting planes but have not been able to utilize that effect even using your text as a typed template. don't know what to think.
igliashon  (2015) 
Next level!
whales of jupiter  (2015) 
@nanook - the only advice i can give is that it helps to go in a particular order - like, you can sink a plane into a skull, but the next plane has to be in relation to the first plane and not the skull. i don't know how to explain that better.
Nanook  (2015) 
will give it another try, it may be me but tried using the exact word order. will let you know if I can succeed. Not trying to copy you but would like to use that particular effect in a word pic I have in mind.
whales of jupiter  (2015) 
@nanook - good luck!
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