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when the cat's away the mice will play / the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Input text: 
there is a huge cat on a green terrain. There is a tiny house three feet left of the cat. Three feet in front of the house is a huge mouse. A tiny tree is two feet right of the cat. A huge red apple is three feet in front of the tree.
#cats  #mice  #house  #apple  #tree 
coyne  (2015) 
cool! have you ever seen the proverbidioms poster?

klariet  (2015) 
yes i have seen it once. very nice! thanks for remembering! Actually it is this one I have seen: http://www.franshalsmuseum.nl/media/cache/88/db/88db457f608df25d058bdd554287d246.jpg Better to see on this page: http://www.spreekwoord.nl/pieter_brueghel/brueghel_afbeelding.php
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