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Swamp Anomaly
Space cowboy investigates...

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The bowl is 130 feet tall. It is 150 feet wide. It is 150 feet deep. It leans 90 degrees to the south. It is evening. The sun is bright white. The house is -120 feet above the bowl. The house faces south. The house is 20 feet tall. The bowl has the [tree] texture. The shiny black rectangle is 250 feet deep. It is 250 feet wide. It is 250 feet long. It is under the house. The wall of the house is [plank]. The gutter of the house is silver. The roof of the house is [wood]. The clear cone is facing up. It is 7 feet tall. It is 30 feet wide. It is 1 feet above the house. It leans forward. The lime and cyan tube is 1 foot tall. It is 35 feet wide. It faces up. It is -10 feet in front of the cone. It leans forward. It is -2 feet above the house. The big canoe is 30 feet in front of the house. It is -1.5 feet below the house. It is facing the house. It is -7 feet right of the house. The shiny white cowboy is in the canoe. The cowboy is facing the house. The camera light is black. The white light is -6 feet above the cowboy. It is 60 feet in front of the cowboy. It is 12 feet right of the cowboy.
coyne (legacy) 
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