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Recreational Drone Use

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the [hippie] pipe. the first vehicle is .5 inches above and 1 inch to the left of the pipe. it is 2 inches tall. a extremely tiny silver ball is behind the first vehicle. a second vehicle is behind the ball. it is facing backwards. it is 2 inches tall. the silver ufo is .3 inches above the ball. the ufo is 1.5 inches tall. a first tiny clear cylinder is 3.5 inches in front of the pipe. it is 6.5 inches tall. a second extremely tiny clear cylinder is behind the cylinder. it is 1 inch above the ground. it is face up. the extremely tiny clear bowl is in the second cylinder. the extremely tiny crystal is in the bowl. a first person is an inch behind and to the left of the pipe. she is .9 inches tall. she is facing the ufo. a second person is .2 inches to the right of the first person. he is .9 inches tall. he is facing the ufo.
##HD #drones 
JustKislot (2015) 
whoah man that's awesome!
boneybird (2015) 
thanks JustKislot
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