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Delicatessen Cancer
Killing ghosts
On dicing
Here goes a slippery
A bulbous knob
Delicatessen cancer
The skin keeps all
The protein
(Skin them off before)
A wraith peers from behind
My eye
Carve away the maggotry
Putrid, black
Memory not alive
Taking root
Slice, deep with a knife
Not a cobblestone
Tubercle brown
Reminisce awry
You keep coming back
(I don't want to remember you
Put to boil on salty water
And 90 grams of butter
Reminisence awry
Serve warm.

Input text: 
The clear pink head fits in the table. A large knife is 1 feet to the right of the table .1 feet in the ground. The knife is facing left. The ground is floor. A white light is left of the knife. A pink light is above the head. A large wine glass is left to the knife. A clear sphere fits in the head.
##HD  #Head  #Dinner  #Delicatessen  #Cancer  #newaesthetic 
Effects: Brightness, Contrast
666  (2015) 
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