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Nativity Scene
merry christmas everyone

Input text: 
The giant baby is in the crib. The crib is facing west. The woman is to the left of the crib. She is facing southeast. Joseph is to the right of the crib. He is facing southwest. In front of the crib is a donkey. Behind the crib is a wise man. To the left of the wise man is another wise man. To the right of the wise man is another wise man. There are three gifts to the left of the donkey. The donkey is made of translucent glass. The baby is made of wood. The crib is red. The gifts are made of fire. There is a fire on the gifts. The wise men are gold. Joseph is upside down. There is a violet light above the crib. The sky is [sprout]. To the right of the donkey is God. There is a fedora on God.
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