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Mirror Universes

Input text: 
the very large planet is on the turtle. the turtle is on the large turtle. the large turtle is on the huge turtle. the huge turtle is on the very huge turtle. the very huge turtle is on the humongous turtle. the ground is silver. the sky is black.
coyne (2015) 
very nice scene!!
rws (2015) 
Many of those new animals are really nice. Makes a huge difference.
coyne (2015) 
yeah, the textures on them in particular are really good.

btw, will be adding a whole bunch of flower plants and conifers soon.
zamchick (2015) 
Two Turtle Doves

rws (2015) 
Three French Hens.

coyne (2015) 
666 (2015) 
666 (2015) 
the universe is the toad
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