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Skeleton Love

Input text: 
The first skeleton is facing the second skeleton. The second skeleton is facing the first skeleton. The first skeleton is -1.55 feet to the front of the second skeleton. The ground is transparent. The sky is glass. The first wall to the right of the first skeleton. The first wall is facing right. The first wall is transparent. The camera-light is cornflower blue.
#skeleton #relationship #love 
SecularBaron (legacy) 
Skeleton Love 2

coyne (legacy) 
that's great!!
zamchick (legacy) 
touching :-)
strcmd (legacy) 
Lovers of Valdaro. Very endearing.
charlesphillips (legacy) 
bad romance
Merkkis (legacy) 
The naked thruth.
Ugogirlie (legacy) 
Do you think I'm too skinny? OR, Do my bones make me look fat? Seriously, I really love this one!
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