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Mojito Nights

Input text: 
there is a glass on a white fabric table. a very tiny bright red flamingo is 2 inches in the glass. a clear cylinder is to the right of the flamingo. it is 8 inches tall and .4 inches wide. a very tiny [party] umbrella is -1.5 inches to the left of the flamingo. it is -1.5 inch above the glass. it is leaning to the right. the stone wall is 7 feet behind the table. it is 20 feet wide. a tiny red light is 2 inches to the right of the flamingo. the man is in front of and 2.5 feet to the left of the table. he is 2.6 feet tall. he is facing right. the white light is 4 feet in front of the man. the woman is -2 inches to the right of the man. she is facing the man. she is 2.4 feet tall. the wine glass is 3 inches in front of and to the left of the glass. the camera light is black. the mauve light is 2 feet above the wine glass. the [sky] texture is on the sky. the texture is 1000 feet tall. the ground is shiny grass. a small tree is -2 feet to the left of the wall.
coyne (legacy) 
cool use of shadows
SecularBaron (legacy) 
Good scene with atmosphere.
vaporwaveisdead (legacy) 
well done
boneybird (legacy) 
Nanook (legacy) 
Intensely interesting!
sofiezamchick (legacy) 
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