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The Lizard of Oddz
Auntie Emm...

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A transparent red shoe. A white diamond -0.2 feet in the shoe. A light is on the diamond. A large lizard is 2 feet behind and 8 inches left of the shoe. It is facing right. A miniature lion is 4 inches left of the shoe. It is facing southwest. A shiny glass wall is 1.5 feet behind the lizard. There is a television 1 foot behind and -0.9 feet right of the lizard. A translucent white lettuce is 6 inches above and 8 inches behind the shoe. A small tan voodoo doll is .6 feet to the left of and .1 foot in front of the shoe. it is leaning right. A tiny black fox terrier is 0.1 feet behind the shoe. It is facing northwest. a pink light is above the shoe. a miniature silver man is 0.2 feet in front of and 0.1 foot left of the shoe. the man is facing southeast. The ground is yellow brick.
Contrast, Contrast
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