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wanna fight?

Input text: 
the large stone clothes iron is -7 inches above the large stone bird.it is -1.4 feet in front of the bird. the tiny stone rocket is -32 inches above the bird. it is face down. it is -6.5 feet in front of the bird. the ground is shiny grass. the large question mark is 3.5 feet to the right of the bird.
Nanook (legacy) 
I see they approved the budget, ha ha. :)
charlesphillips (legacy) 

I was born to fight
lespaulguy (legacy) 

flame on!
strcmd (legacy) 
Nanook (legacy) 
I think you win, we all know what happens to the Wylie coyote. Meep Meep. This is too funny
boneybird (legacy) 
hysterical strcmd :-) Beep Beep!
strcmd (legacy) 
:) #monsterchallenge a neat idea. wonder what other ways will people use wordseye in social media once it is officially launched.
zamchick (legacy) 
Time Will Tell

Time will tell strcmd :-)

Thoughts welcome!
strcmd (legacy) 
William tells time! well played, zamchick, well played!

Still trying to figure out your business model. Perhaps market force will determine.
coyne (legacy) 
Cool thread!
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