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Just Experimenting
This is so addictive!

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The sea mist blue mountain wall is six feet behind the cat. There is a tiny rainbow behind the cat. The bear is .5 feet behind the cat. The akita is in front of the cat. The skunk is in front of the akita. The princess is seven feet left of the akita and six feet in front of the wall. The bookcase is .5 feet behind the princess. The couch is to the right of and two feet behind the bookcase. The arbor is 2.8 feet right of the bookcase. The wood table is right of the arbor. The lamp is on the table. The yellow light is above the lamp. Flamingo is left of princess. Small chest is right of and two feet behind table. Tiny tree is to the left of the wall. The ground is wood.
boneybird (2016) 
cool scene! Like living inside a jukebox.
CyanideBlue (2016) 
Hey thanks! I just discovered wordseye yesterday and I was having so much fun this just came out, lol!
flip (2016) 
nice job!!
daniel (2016) 
A lot of details here - very nice.
CyanideBlue (2016) 
Thank you!
madowi (2016) 
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