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The End of Winter

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The shiny polka dot cat is on the wood table. The table is on the tall mountain range. The mountain range is 100 feet wide. A chair is 2 feet behind the table. the mountain range has a foam texture. The table is shiny. The large "The new kid" card is to the right of the cat. the card is facing up. the orange pen is two inches to the right of the card. It is facing up. The tiny shiny marble vase is in front of the cat. The small rose blossom is in the vase. The baby-impi-1 cube is on the chair.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Cool! Can we also call the "foam" texture, "rock"? Most people won't think of putting foam on the mountain range but it's a great effect.
coyne (legacy) 
In this scene it looks more like "icy" ground than rock to me. It's actually a picture of foam running over sand that I took at the beach. We used this same texture in the CSN thing and it looked like lava in that...probably because of the lighting. That's part of the fun of it. Also scaling textures really changes what they look like...just like the text you made really small that turned into little dots.*br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
It just that people won't think of using the word foam (unless they see someone else using it) so I'm wondering if it can be called by some other names.
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