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Stucco, Saturation, Brightness, Sharpen
igliashon (legacy) 
Great! But I think I would like it better au naturel, i.e. without the effects
Nanook (legacy) 
k think I can do that
Nanook (legacy) 
See second posting in the gallery. When I tried to post unaltered image it kept reposting the changed image....???? It is what it is.
coyne (legacy) 
nanook, you can use "revert" to remove all the effects. you don't have to repost the scene...the revert will take effect on the scene as displayed in the gallery too. But if you want both versions then you can make a separate scene like you did.
Nanook (legacy) 
I had a saved render in my portfolio prior to doing the effects but when I attempted to post a visual reply from my portfolio and it kept displaying the one with the effects, not sure how that happens, imagine something I am doing wrong I'm sure. I will devote a test to figure it out a little later.
coyne (legacy) 
just a guess, but it's possible that the thumbnail displayed in the visual reply menu didn't get get updated in the browser (which has a cache of images so it doesn't have to reload them). So it's probably not you doing something wrong. We might have to do a better job keeping track of thumbnails that need updating.
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