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Mondays can be crazy

Input text: 
The ground is tile. There is a desk on the ground. There is a large [marble] wall 5 feet in front of the desk. The wall is on the ground. The desk is facing south. There is a man in front of the desk. The man is facing north. There are 12 coffee cups on the table. There is a computer on the table. There is a [pink] brain on top of the man.
##HD #Monday #coffee #brain #work 
Scene credits:
Nanook (2016) 
Just Stayin' Afloat

Been there. :-)
we-community (2016) 
Hahahaha ^^ Nice!
lespaulguy (2016) 

Nanook (2016) 
Wine pong in a a coffee cup....makes the load a little lighter and the ball a little higher : -D
we-community (2016) 
Great #Monday Lespaulguy!
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