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rough neighborhood

Input text: 
it is night. the ground is black. it is unreflective. the earth is 20 feet above the ground. dull telescope is 4 feet above the earth. the earth is unreflective. the moon is 7 feet to the right of the telescope. the small cyan light is 25 feet right of the telescope. mars is 2 feet right of the moon. jupiter is 15 feet in front of mars. the astronaut is 6 feet under the moon. he is facing the earth. he is leaning 30 degrees to the front. second astronaut is 6 feet left of the astronaut. third big astronaut is 23 feet behind and 7 feet right of the astronaut. he is leaning 265 degrees to the back. the big astronaut's visor is silver. the white light is 200 feet under the telescope.
##HD #space 
boneybird (2016) 
Nanook (2016) 
too too funny!
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