hunger game

Input text: translucent cauliflower is in the humongous translucent cucumber. its fruit is gold. the cucumber is in the translucent rose. the rose is 20 feet tall. it is in a humongous gold pinecone. The pinecone is upside down. the second rose is -10 feet to the right of the rose. it is 19 feet tall. it is silver. it is facing back. the lizard is 2 feet behind the pinecone. it is 13 feet tall. the 10 foot tall steel blue frog is 7 feet to the left of the pinecone. it is facing back. the 22 feet tall dragon is in front of the pinecone. it is facing back. the ground is a reflective ocean. the camera light is 2% lemon.
Tags:  ##HD  #evolution  #food 
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Effects: Illustration, Normalize
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