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The Affair
Despite the fact that she had just spent all evening with her husband, Sandra felt disconnected as she stared blankly into the used tea cup.

"It must be the stress" she thought as she cleaned up the little mess. Sandra had always been neater than Fred, but since they'd been at diner together she knew he could not be directly responsible.

Ginger began to whimper, indicating her need to be let outside. Sandra slowly tore herself away from her own thoughts and let the poor creature out.

It wasn't that Ginger was unlovable, but Sandra knew Fred only "rescued" her to distract from the affair.

Now every time Sandra would look at the little red Pomeranian she would think of Fred's secretary with her fake red hair.

Input text: 
The cup is on the table to the left of the lamp. The table is to the right of the chair. The lamp is on the table. The huge wall is behind the chair. The coffee table is facing the chair. The coffee table is 4 feet in front of the chair. The yellow light is in the lamp. The ground is wood. The huge wall is grey. The cabinet is to the left of the chair. The ottoman is in front of the couch. The television is on the coffee table.The couch is 3 feet to the right of the chair. The window is 1.5 feet behind the lamp. The sky is light blue. The woman is in front of the chair. The woman is facing the cup. The dog is 2 feet in front of the ottoman. The dog is facing the woman.
Scene credits:
666 (2016) 
Nanook (2016) 
I feel sorry for Ginger. Can't you dye Gingers' hair brunette?
CyanideBlue (2016) 
Ginger has bigger problems. Is there "fire" in the library?
Nanook (2016) 
OOHHH NOOO, Mr. Bill (after CyanideBlue)
Ginger was glad her friend Mr. Bill stopped by but
Fred left his cigar burning......and now danger was all about.

we-community (2016) 
The story gets better every week.
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