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Dodo takes the elevator to heaven

Input text: 
the white transparent shiny elevator. the camera light is white. the white dodo is 93.8 inch in the elevator. the dodo is 65 inch tall. the dodo is facing east. a white light is in front of the dodo. an orange light is in front of the dodo. red light is above the dodo.
coyne (legacy) 
great idea making the elevator transparent...
susu (legacy) 
true :). But maybe we could get rid of this cussed dodo by deleting transparency (just joking!!!) I love it.
KAWE (legacy) 
cussed dodo?????
Nanook (legacy) 
Love it, love it...so cool!
zamchick (legacy) 
good exit strategy!
susu (legacy) 
in case of malfunction

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