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The Eternal Contest
From the beginning of time the forces of good and evil have had easy access to anywhere on Earth. Despite this, these powerful entities could only influence the decisions made by the world's mortal inhabitants and not cause any actual change by themselves. For in the end the final decision of how life on Earth will continue lays with humanity and is far out of the control of gods and devils.

Input text: 
a giant paper ball is twenty feet above the ground. the ground is cloudy. a devil is ten feet to the right of the ball. an angel is ten feet to the left of the ball. the devil and the angel are facing the ball. a small fire castle is in front of the devil. a small glass castle is in front of the angel. the two castles are facing the ball. a gigantic black circle is five feet below the ball. a very big gold star is five feet above the ball. a big rainbow bridge is in front of the ball.
Jijijams (legacy) 
I love this.
Jijijams (legacy) 
so much.
lespaulguy (legacy) 
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