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My fave notification....

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the sky is invisible. the ground is invisible. "color" is 5 inches left of "directions". "directions". "size" is 4 inches left of "color". "lighting" is 3 inches above "directions". "display" is 3 inches left of "lighting". "text" is 3 inches above "lighting". 1st "undo" is 3 inches above "display". "save and continue" is 3 inches above the 1st "undo". "words" is above "save and continue". "library" is 5 inches left of "words". "create" is 5 inches right of "text". "render" is above and -0.1 feet right of "save and continue". a yellow plank is 0.9 feet tall and 11.9 feet long and 0.1 feet deep. it is 5 inches in front of the 1st "undo". a small black "ERROR NOTIFICATION:" is 0.1 feet in front of the plank. a red "Your time has rendered out." is below the "ERROR NOTIFICATION:". a red "Please simplify your text." is below the "Your time has rendered out."
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