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The Submarine Siren
Marine explorer or mermaid? The reflection of the water and the sonar buoy were playing tricks on my eyes...

Input text: 
It is noon. The transparent [water] floor is 2.0 meters above the green ground. A woman is 0.95 meters above the ground. She faces east. She leans 15 degrees to the east. A huge dark green [scales] fish is 2.0 meters to the left of the woman. It is 0.01 meters behind the woman. It is 0.7 meters above the ground. It leans 35 degrees to the front. 45 meters to the left of the woman is a black submarine. It is 0.1 meters behind the woman. It is below the floor. A very big [ball] sphere is to the right of the woman.
we-community (2016) 
Wow this is great
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