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Captives of Time

Input text: 
a silver head of its time is on the grass texture ground. The blossom is next to the head. the blossom is in the ground. the green point_light is three feet above the blossom. the yellow point_light is 3 feet above the head. The large wasp is behind the blossom. the wasp is facing the head.
#philosophy #surrealism 
Zamchick (legacy) 
coyne (legacy) 
Thanks. It's amazing what lighting can do.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Does it need to say the"green point_light ". Can it simply say the "green light" is above the blossum. I don't like having to remember what the light is called.
coyne (legacy) 
lots of 3d objects are lights (light bulbs, flashlights, streetlamps, etc). None of them glow. So they won't illuminate your scene.
coyne (legacy) 
could give a glowing point lights priority so that those other things wouldn't be considered "lights." That might be a reasonable thing to do since you can always be more specific and explicitly say "flashlight" etc if you want the 3d object. *br**br*Of course, people would ultimately want the flash light to emit light etc. But that would require a fair amount of work and won't be done in the near term.
coyne (legacy) 
You can now refer to the point_light as "light." ("point_light" will still work)
megan (legacy) 
thats pretty cool. mom likes the bug on the flower. me too.
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