Afterlife Diversity
This is a dream scenario. A Hell of acceptance and diversity. We all hope to take part in this fresh Hell xo

Input text: a 1st skeleton. it is shiny pink. its skull is transparent. a 2nd skeleton. it is shiny green. it is 15 centimeters west of the 1st skeleton. a 3rd skeleton. it is pastel blue. it is 20 centimeters east of the 1st skeleton. a 4th skeleton. it is transparent. it is 5 centimeters west of the 2nd skeleton. a coffin. its body is transparent. it is 10 centimeters south of the 1st skeleton. a flower. it is shiny. it is on top of the coffin. a 1st wall. it is silver. it is 50 centimeters behind the 1st skeleton. it is 50 meters tall. it is noon. the camera light is white. the ground is fire. the sky is stone.
Tags:  ##HD  #skeleton  #skull  #diversity  #death  #health 
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zamchick  (2016) 
very cool scene!
we-community  (2016) 
Good one :) I like the use of colors.
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