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Mr. Potato Head Meets Dali and Picasso

Input text: 
a potato is leaning 90 degrees to the right. it faces left. 1st eye is in front of the potato. it is 0.25 feet above the ground. a small nose is -0.39 inches southeast of the potato and 0.20 feet above the ground. it faces southeast. a small mouth is 0.17 feet above the ground and in front of the potato. it is leaning 18 degrees to the left. a small [Klee] hat is -2 inches above the potato. 1st tiny purple shoe is -0.2 feet in front of the potato and on the ground. 2nd tiny green shoe is -0.1 feet left of the 1st shoe. it faces southwest. a small tan hand is -0.1 feet left of the potato and 0.29 feet above the ground. it is leaning 82 degrees to the left. the sky is [Klee]. the ground is [Klee]. a cyan light is in front of the potato. the camera light is black. a beige light is 2 inches right of the cyan light
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KAWE (legacy) 
we-community (legacy) 
With the new 3D content, I can't wait to see what is to come!
Great Dali/Picasso inspiration piece.
susu (legacy) 
Nanook (legacy) 
thanks :-)
igliashon (legacy) 
Love it!
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