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When Cat Burgers Go Bad
An answer to puffnfreshs' "Cat Eats Burger..."

Input text: 
a large pouch is -1.7 feet left of the 1st cat. it is -1 feet to the front of the cat. it leans 48 degrees to the left. the cat faces southeast. the cat is on the ground. 1st small hamburger is -0.5 feet in front of the pouch and 0.8 feet above the ground. it is leaning 30 degrees to the southwest. 2nd small hamburger is -0.1 feet right of the 1st hamburger. 3rd very large hamburger is 1 feet behind and 1.6 feet left of the cat. 2nd cat is behind and -1.5 feet right of the 3rd hamburger. it faces right. a huge diamond is right of the 2nd cat. the ground is black. a light is behind the diamond. a cyan light is in front of the diamond. a yellow light is on the 2nd cat
we-community (legacy) 
This is such a great scene!!
Jijijams (legacy) 
So funny
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