Input text: Gigantic rainbow window is in the lake. The lake fits in the bowl. The bowl is 100 feet wide. Whales are above the window. . There is the cube on the left of the bowl. The cube is 40 feet wide. the cube is transparent. the elephant fits in the cube. Three gigantic butterflies are 15 feet above the elephant. The butterflies are facing the window. The big trees are in front of the bowl. The huge hippo is on the right of the window. The hippo is 85 feet off the ground. The hippo is facing the whales. the door is 15 feet under the hippo. The door is 18 feet tall. The sphere is 12 feet tall. the sphere is 10 feet under the door. The 20 feet tall face mask is in front of the trees. it is night. the green light is on the whales. Blue light is under the hippo. Red light is on the bowl. The yellow green light is on the left of the sphere. The violet light is above the whales. The orange light is in the cube. The sphere is silver
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