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Tip Tuesday: Colors
WordsEye knows all the standard colors: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, purple, orange, brown, etc. Colors can be modified with: light, bright, pale, and dark. It also knows many whimsically named colors.

Input text: 
The purple hippo is next to the green tiger.
##HD #Help #tiptuesday #colors #purple #green #tiger #hippo 
Nanook (2016) 
so funny I was just going to ask if you could list the colors that are recognized by wordseye.
we-community (2016) 
@nanook I can see you doing spectacular scenes using colors.
For more colors:
susu (2016) 
Well, we're not of the same kind ...
but don't you think there is a likness.

we-community (2016) 
It's a standoff!
Nanook (2016) 
Maybe it's love at first meeting...!!!!
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