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Well, we're not of the same kind ...
but don't you think there is a likness.

Input text: 
The 5 feet tall purple dodo is next to the 5 feet tall green kangaroo. the dodo is facing the kangaroo. the kangaroo is facing the dodo. The dodo leans 10 degrees to the front. It is -0.45 feet above the ground. a crimson seahorse is right of the dodo. it leans 10 degrees to the right. it is above the ground. A toy is -9.8 inches right of the seahorse. The ground is silver. The camera light is black. it is dawn. a pale misty rose light is above the toy.
Effects: Contrast, Brightness, Saturation
Attributions: Tip Tuesday:... by we-community
Nanook  (2016) 
susu you are soso good!
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