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Secrets At Midnight

Input text: 
a [fence] wall is 200 feet long and 3 feet tall and 0.1 feet deep. the [dirt] floor is in front of the wall. a [feather] chicken is 2 feet in front of the wall and on the floor. a squirrel is -1.2 feet above the chicken. the chicken faces southwest. the squirrel faces southwest. it leans back. a [rainbow] fennec is -0.1 feet left of and -0.3 feet in front of the chicken. it faces the chicken. a large [leaf] mouse is -0.5 feet above the fennec. it faces the chicken. the ground is invisible. a small tree is -3.2 feet left of the chicken. it is -0.6 feet in front of the wall. it is 2.5 feet in the floor. the camera light is sky blue. the ambient light is blue. a dim beige light is above the chicken. a dim light is on the squirrel. it is sunset. the sun is sky blue. a dim purple light is right of the fennec
##HD #animals 
Brightness, Normalize, Contrast, Sharpen
lespaulguy (legacy) 
beautiful @nanook. looks like the squirrel's got a Harley!
coyne (legacy) 
so that's what happens when it gets dark! who knew? :-)
coyne (legacy) 
What happened at midnight

more stuff happenin' at midnight...
Nanook (legacy) 
It's a secret. Unless you join the secret, hoot, growl, woof, cluck, squeak and howl society.
igliashon (legacy) 
Dude! The composition, textures, and lighting in this scene are OFF THA CHAIN
Nanook (legacy) 
thanx :-)
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