Trapped in the dome.

Input text: a silver egg.the egg is leaning 90 degrees to the ground.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.the sun's azimuth is 25 degrees.the sun is silver.the egg is 2 inches in the ground.a jellyfish is 1 feet above the egg.the jellyfish is leaning 180 degrees to the ground.the jellyfish is 2 feet tall.the jellyfish is facing up.a red light is above the egg.
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Effects: Brightness, Balloon
we-community  (2016) 
This is so cool!
boneybird  (2016) 
f'ing A!
boneybird  (2016) 

sorry watcher570, just have to show what a thing of beauty this scene is. that's a nice reflection on you!
watcher570  (2016) 
thanks boneybird
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