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A clock. The clock is 10 feet tall. Ten chimpanzees. The chimpanzees are 2 feet tall. The chimpanzees are in front of the clock. A monkey. The monkey is 1 foot tall. The monkey is in front of the chimpanzees. A man. The man is 6 feet tall. The man is on fire. The man is holding a knife. The knife is 1 foot long. A boy. The boy is 5 feet tall. The boy's eyeballs are 6 inches wide. The boy is facing the man. The knife is touching the boy. The boy is bleeding. A pile of vegetables. The vegetables are 6 inches tall. A can. The can is 1 foot tall. The can is facing the vegetables. A stall. The stall is 6 feet tall. A pile of food. The pile of food is 1 foot tall. The pile of food is inside of the stall. A dog. The dog is 2 feet tall. The dog is in the stall. The dog is facing the pile of food. The dog is eating the food. A steak. The steak is 3 inches tall. A cake. The cake is 6 inches tall. The steak is on top of the cake. Stockings. The stockings are 2 feet long. The cake is on top of the stockings.
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