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Infinite Time

Input text: 
the clock is one foot in front of the silver wall. the ground has a grass texture. the texture is one foot wide. a silver wall is two feet in front of the clock. it is facing the clock.. a point_light is fifty feet above the clock.
coyne (legacy) 
beautiful!*br**br*btw, you should now be able to say "a LIGHT is fifty feet above.." No need to say point_light anymore.
rws (legacy) 
Ah, yes I was going to whine about that at some point. Thanks.*br*
rws (legacy) 
Oh and happy thanksgiving by the way.*br*
coyne (legacy) 
Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
rws (legacy) 
Does the term "silver wall" mean mirror?-Lisa, who is too lazy to get up right now.
coyne (legacy) 
yes, silver anything makes it like polished silver, totally reflective.
rws (legacy) 
Ah. That would do it.- Lisa, who is still too lazy to get up.
rws (legacy) 
Lisa is a pooky burger who needs her own account.*br*
megan (legacy) 
thats really good. i like this one
rws (legacy) 
Me too. It's a good example of something I can conceive of, but have no artistic ability to create on my own.
Zamchick (legacy) 
now make each clock show a different time.
rws (legacy) 
not my department
666 (2015) 
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