The Logostics
Nanook typed a picture: a [mountain] painting is 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide. a tamarack tree is 20 feet tall and -4.6 feet left of the painting. a larch tree is 20 feet tall and -3 feet to the right of the painting. a [peacock] chicken is 3.3 feet in front of and -3 feet left of the painting. a squirrel is -0.9 feet above the chicken. it leans back. the chicken faces northeast. the squirrel faces northeast. a [ocean] koala is 0.3 feet right of the chicken. it faces north. a [rose] kangaroo is 5 feet tall. it is 1 feet right of the koala. it faces northwest. the ground is [dirt]. a red small "P28" is 4.2 feet above the ground and in front of the painting. a very enormous red thumbtack is 1 feet below the "P28". it leans 80 degrees to the front. the sun is sky blue. the camera light is black. the ambient light is blue. a beige light is in back of the koala. a dim pink light is on the chicken (This scene uses Getty Images )
 Tags:  ##getty  ##HD  #animals 
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 Effects: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen
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