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There is a tall white wall. There is a tall black wall to the right of the white wall. There is a white man in front of the black wall. The white man is a few inches to the left. There is a white bag below the white man. The head of the man is transparent. The bag is facing right. The bag is an inch to the left. There is a white woman in front of the white wall. The white woman is a few inches to the right. There is a black head in front of the man. The black head is five feet above the ground. There is a black hat on top of the woman. There is a chain in front of the woman. The chain is facing down. The chain is slightly to the left. The chain is a few inches above the ground.
lespaulguy (2016) 
InfamousArgyle (2016) 
can you do "no love deep web" too lol
dozaux (2016) 
hey let's not do no love deep web
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