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we are in hell
there is a policeman. the policeman is 10 feet tall. the policeman is standing on a monster truck. around the monster truck are men, women and children. the policeman is happy. we are in hell.

Input text: 
a 10 foot tall policeman. a monster truck. the policeman is on the monster truck. a man is to the right of the truck. a woman is to the right of the man. the woman is facing the truck. the man is facing the truck. the ground is fire. the sky is a mountain. a fire wall is three meters behind the truck. the wall is enormous. a child is in front of the woman. the child is facing the truck. a devil is to the left of the truck. the devil is 8 feet tall.
##HD  #hell  #somethingawful  #goons  #policeman 
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