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When cheese bleeds that badly...
You know you're going crazy.

Input text: 
The big orange cheese is on the red ocean. The holes of the cheese are red. The cornsilk mouse-vp7805 is to the right of the cheese. The tail of the mouse is pink. The ears of the mouse are pink. The claws of the mouse are red. The nose of the mouse is red. The cheese is facing the mouse. The mouse is facing the cheese. The tiny cornsilk "The Ultimate Faceoff!!!" billboard is behind the mouse and the cheese. The billboard is in the ocean.
lisa (legacy) 
Somehow, I have no doubt that it'll end in a draw.
coyne (legacy) 
Nice job coloring the parts...that piece of cheese looks really cool! I added this as one of the pictures it cycles through on the login page.*br**br*btw, we have a mousetrap model too. :-)
Zamchick (legacy) 
I am amazed at how quickly people can make clever images!
lisa (legacy) 
Mousetrap, then? Interesting.
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