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The huge clear wave. The ground has the shiny [water] texture. The texture is 10 feet tall. The clear cyan rectangle is 1 mile wide. It is 1 mile deep. The wave is -1 foot above the rectangle. The rectangle is on the ground. The rectangle is .1 inch tall. The clear white dolphin is -1 foot above the wave. The dolphin faces to the left. The silver egg is 20 feet behind the wave. It is 15 feet left of the wave. It is 80 feet wide. It is 80 feet deep. It is 9 feet tall. It is -5 feet above the rectangle. The small silver palm tree is -5 foot above the egg. Its trunk is silver. It leans 10 degrees to the right. It faces back. The beach ball is 1 feet left of the dolphin. It leans 70 degrees to the back. It is -2 feet above the dolphin. The big silver statue is -2 feet above the egg. It is -14 feet right of the egg. It is -14 feet in front of the egg.
we-community (2016) 
This scene is stunning.
sofiezamchick (2016) 
sooo pretty!
flip (2016) 
very nice !
Nanook (2016) 
love it
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