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Stairway to Heaven

Input text: 
a 500 feet tall dodecahedron.a gold staircase is 400 feet in the dodecahedron.the dodecahedron is texture.the staircase is 100 feet tall.a man is in the staircase.the man is 20 feet tall.a astronaut is 10 feet right of the staircase.the astronaut is 20 feet tall.the astronaut is leaning 40 degrees to the man.a red light is right of the astronaut.a blue light is left of the man.the astronaut is facing up.a spaceship is 25 feet behind the astronaut.the spaceship is facing right.a black light is above the spaceship.
Hue, Brightness, Brightness
Jijijams (2016) 
Woaw. This is so cool. Thanks for leaving the text.
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