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It is morning. The ground is pink. The 10 cubes have the [Trump] texture. The cubes are 2 feet wide. The orange light is 1 foot above the cubes. There is a clock behind the cubes. The clock is 20 feet wide and -8 feet above the ground. There is a dog 3 feet in front of the cubes. The dog is facing the cubes. The dog is .5 feet above the ground. There are 2 balloons next to the dog. There are several palms 4 feet left of the cubes. The palms are 2 feet wide and 10 feet tall. There is an ace of spades beneath the dog. The ace of spades is 3 feet wide. There is a orange behind the dog.
#trump #vaporwave #trumppunk 
we-community (legacy) 
i like how you incorported so many elements
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